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Swiss Cheese is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the delicious Swiss Miss X Cheese strains.


Love a super fabulous cheesy taste? Swiss Cheese is the lady for you. This baby brings on sweet and creamy cheesy tastes with each and every toke, lingering on the tongue with just a kick of pungency. The aroma is definitely a lot heavier, with a rotting cheese stench that turns even more pungent and dank with each and every toke.


The Swiss Cheese high is one that is ideal for a day when you want to get moving, whether hitting the great outdoors, taking your dog for a walk or just cleaning your house. You'll feel a cerebral boost almost immediately, filling you with an energizing and buzzy euphoria alongside a creative focus and motivation.


You'll be giggly and giddy in this state, easily laughing at things around you while you're up and moving. With these vibrant effects and its moderately high 15-19% average THC level, Swiss Cheese is often chosen to treat patients suffering from conditions such as mood swings, chronic stress, depression, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.


This bud has grape-shaped minty green nugs with dark leaves, lots of thin amber hairs and a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.

Swiss Cheese


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