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IMMUNITY 10MG or 25MG CBD is a low-potency, non-euphoric all-natural antioxidant-rich formula designed to boost your immunity and reduce inflammation. This power shot of premium CBD with Vitamin C highly supports healthy skin and immunity functions and may help to reduce pain, spasms, headaches, and peripheral neuropathy. Each capsule contains 99+% pure CBD crystal isolate and is THC-free.



Full body antioxidant protection
Boosting immunity
Supporting pain management
Reducing headaches
Reducing muscle spasms

Strengthening the connections via your brain and internal systems (Peripheral neuropathy)
Enhancing the efficacy of CBD by virtue of additional cannabinoids being present — encouraging the Entourage Effect

Herb Angels recognizes that cannabis affects each person differently, based on their personal body chemistry. This chart is a general guide to CBD dosages. While CBD’s effects are not considered euphoric, we recommend starting slowly, and gradually increasing the dosage as needed.


Refer to the CBD Recommended Dosage Chart. Take one 1-2 capsules up to three times daily and increase dose as desired.


CBD isolate extract: a 99% pure, CBD crystalline powder extracted from industrial hemp.
Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant that supports our bodies systems, tissues and overall immunity.

Low    <20 mg CBD    Mild Effect
Medium    20-50 mg CBD    Strong Effect
High    50+ mg CBD    Very Strong Effect




CBD Isolate extract:

A 99% pure CBD crystalline powder extracted from industrial hemp.


CBD isolate has the ability to activate our own naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in support of various systems and tissues within our body. In turn, this effectively regulates appetite, memory, mood, pain perception and inflammation levels.

This powerful extract has also been shown to:

Boost immunity
Protect against tumor growth
Reduce inflammation in the body
Prevent vomiting
Support nervous system recovery
Reduce anxiety
Reduce seizures



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