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El Blanco is a highly sought out sativa strain crossed from the White Widow family.  This strain has white buds with green and brown hues. With its high potency and THC level, smoking this has an immediate effect on your body that stays constant for quite some time. It has a powerful Sativa high that has cerebral effects, making you feel euphoric, happy, creative and energetic.


El Blanco has a strong and rich aroma and flavour that has a bitter and sweet taste. Due to its calming effect on your nerves, this cannabis strain is a great cure for severe depression. It enables you to battle your stress effectively and conveniently. It has also been commonly used for healing several kinds of pains such as muscle, limb and joint aches. El Blanco can result in dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth at times.

El Blanco (Sativa)